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New Guitar Day, when one gets a new guitar.
'Guess what today is?'
"I dunno'
'My NGD'!
by guitarplayer February 01, 2008
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They roll with the 6 ! Their folks; but they the Native Folks Ya Dig.
steady folkin, cock to the right, 6point star all day every day. 6poppin 5droppin! NGD to the FULLEST. Draggin dat period rag.
by Hustle6 October 05, 2010
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The combination of the nerd geek dork. We drive this by taking the first letter of the term. Nerd, Geek, Dork. If we Take the N off nerd, the G off geek, and the D off dork you make the NGD, the combination of all 3.
NGD status. Yeah I'm an ngd, got a problem with it?
by Jeremiah 'WarLord" May 19, 2006
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