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Weeb: "Hey do u like anime titties"
Every Normie: "No ur Nami Gay"
Weeb: *Fucking Dies*
by TheRedChemical March 30, 2018
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Anime was created after the event of the WWII Bombings on Japan. They created Anime to bring the Japanese culture back together. America was thinking about dropping another bomb to stop the production of Anime. Anime has now spread to every country and effecting humans. We call these people Weebs (Weaboo). These people usually have Anime body pillows and masturbate 9-18 times per day. They are usually fat and smell like shit and live in their moms basement. They also know how to type really fast so dont get in a fight with them.
Dude: Holy shit we should of dropped another bomb
Dude; Anime
by TheRedChemical November 30, 2018
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