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1. The well known group of friends that is comprised of the best.
2. The people that should be invited to every DDP,DFP, and dode sesh.
Example 1:

Hot girl : "Who should we invite to our dance party?"
Hot Girl 2 and friends: " Dode and Friends of course."

Example 2: Real Hot Girl: "Wow, that DAF(dode and friends) knows what good, they throw the best DDP's."
All Hot Girls: /agree
by TheRealDode November 30, 2010
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1. In the verb form, it can mean anything. Mostly referred to as drinking or hooking up.

2. when someone says something stupid that no one cares about by saying "Oh Dodes?"
1. " Lets alll meet up at my boys house where we can get mad hot bids and dode."

1. B. "No ones home so we can easily dode"

2. "I am totally going to go to Lowes this weekend."

Response "Oh Dodes?"
by TheRealDode October 21, 2010
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