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Latin for "Tiny genitals"
LOL, thats such a walma cock
by ThePoopingPidgeon April 14, 2009
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Hunter 1: Someone who hunts and kills animals for a living.

Hunter 2: Some guy from a shitty novel which is rip off of Harry Potter.

Hunter 3: A class in WoW. Has the ability to capture and train animals and keep them as pets.

Hunter 4: An infected human from the game Left 4 dead. Has the ability to run a great speeds whilst remaining completely silent. Can also jump great distances, up to 200ft, as well as continuosly wall jump and pounce on survivors which is impossible to survive unless it is knocked off.

Hunter 5: An experimental organism that is only encountered once in the game Dead Space.
1. Man: So what you do for a living?
Hunter: I hunt and kill various
animals, which I either than sell
or eat

2. Girl: OMG has you seen this guy called
hunter from this book!
Guy: No.
Girl:OMG well hes so f-
Guy: Shut up, you cant read.

3. Wow, look at that Hunter's Siberian
Tiger O_o

4. Louis: Theres a hunter around here

5. Guy:OH SHI-
by ThePoopingPidgeon April 15, 2009
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