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An insult accidently created during a drunken bout at Schoolies. Used when one wishes to stump or confuse the fuck out of their verbal opponent. The beauty of the insult is it has no real meaning, it's meaning and degree of insultation changes as per the victim.
Can be used with variations of 'fuck' in it.
"Fuck, go wash your possum", "go wash your fuckin possum", fuckkity fuck fuck-knuckle fuck-shit, go wash your fucking possum.... fuck!"
Sick as shit tough kid; What did u say to me poof, yeah go on say something... fucking queer I'll stomp your head in.

You; Go wash your fucking possum!

Sick as shit tough kid; What? Bitch come on fuckin say it again

You; Wash your possum

Sick as shit tough kid; *leaves to figure out whether or not you actually insulted him*
by TheParmigianCrew January 14, 2012

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