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A girl from California, that resides in the Central Valley (Anywhere from Sacramento to Bakersfield), highly concentrated in Merced County. Characterized by her overly teased 1980's hairdo, ripped jeans, cheap jewelry, ghetto flat boots, heavy eyeliner, and tacky squared acrylic nails embellished with everything from rhinestones to Hello Kitty figurines. Will carry something with an animal print, usually the phone cover or purse. She is loud and makes an attempt to be the life of the party. Not a smart girl. Most attend Beauty school or some kind of for-profit "College" like Kaplan, Heald, University of the Phoenix, etc.
(It is not a compliment to be a Central Valley Chick)
*Note: Not all girls from the Valley fit the description above
"I am not going to tease my hair, I do not want to look like a Central Valley Chick!"

"Girl that outfit makes you look like a Central Valley Chick, loose the ripped jeans!"
by TheOtherGuy24 August 16, 2011

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