1 definition by TheOnlyGayInTheVillage

If someone's a pure "fat midden!" then they're a bit of a smelly hound.
commonly used in the glasgow area of scotland as an insult to those fat cheeky bitches from helenburgh walking about allover the streets of Glezga
An innocent pedestrian walks down a street and bumps into two fat cheeky bitches stuffing themselves with big bags of chips....

hu" "Haw!....You!"

INNOCENT PASSER BY: "yes what is it?"

FAT CHEEKY BITCHES: "you are like, sooo gay!...hu hu he!...like man"

FAT CHEEKY BITCHES: "like yeah, totally man.....hu hu hu!"

INNOCENT PASSER BY: "aye! well whatever!you two are nothing but a pair of FAT MIDDEN'S HEN!...cheerio!"
by TheOnlyGayInTheVillage January 26, 2005