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Troopz, "The People's Champion"- is the ArsenalFanTv "Rudeboy" of Jamaican-origin. Fan favourite as he makes up nicknames for players when interviewed by host, Robbie. A self-proclaimed advocate of the #Wengerout brigade and rose to fame through his charisma and his way of speaking- consistently labelling people "blud" and "fam"and uses his catchphrase "BACKAGAIN". since Troopz' rise to stardom, he has since begun his own youtube channel "Troopztv" giving his subs gamely vlogs, previews and reviews. Quite simply Troopz is a legend and a hero to all!
Robbie: Hello and welcome to ArsenalfanTv, Troopz, how was the game for you?
Troopz: Ah yes Robbie Blud, Lacabludclaatzette was on fire today fam! BACKAGAIN
Robbie: Haha now Troopz, what about Xhaka's performance today?
Troopz: Blud, he was fuckin awful fam, we need to get him out blud Wengerout Kroenkeout it's bullshit!
by TheNotoriousWeed January 21, 2018
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