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When somebody didn’t outright say they were gay, but inside you KNOW. You just feel it inside your soul and in your essence that they are indeed gay. Wether the subject knows it or not, you can feel how gay they are. (Gay being the umbrella LGBTQ+)
I know she hasn’t said it yet, but that girl in cabin 18 is probably gay.
by TheMomHomO June 3, 2019
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How many different people you’ve murdered. Sometimes it’s a low number (boooorrrinnggg) or sometimes it’s a larger number. The higher the number, the more people killed. (But remember if a cop asks you about your body count, don’t tell him). Usually the gang and I compare about our numbers and tbh, I’ve never heard anybody EVER use it about s*x. Like no joke.
“Hey, George whats your body count tonight”
“About... 38

Dang bro!! I only got about 23
by TheMomHomO July 28, 2019
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