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Not only to be 'pissed'
Not only to be 'pissed as shit'
But to be 'fucking pissed as shit'
Not to be confused with 'Mother fucking pissed as shit'

Normally is caused by the lack of pussy grinding on your dick, going positive in call of duty or having homework on the weekend.
Broski 1: Hey dude whats up?
Broski 2: Nothing much just fucking pissed as shit...
Broski 1: Dude, how come?? whats wrong? (NO HOMO)
Broski 2: I was playing Call of Duty and I told my bitch to give me a rim job and she shot me down.
Broski 1: Dude....How aren't you mother fucking pissed as shit?
by TheMaskedddAvenger November 28, 2009

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