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Nexon is a company that doesn't do anything unless someone is stealing money from them. They don't bother fixing their game coding to prevent hackers from hacking the game. They will also make false threats of what are the consequences of doing anything illegal, but will not do anything. Finally they have a record for being the worst customer service for a MMORPG than anyone, with a low intelligence level it's probably better for them to not bother fixing things since they will screw it up even more.
Nexon: We will put a stop to hackers in Mabinogi, just give us any information you have so we can do it.

1 Week Later...

Hacker: Hey guys I showed my god mode powers infront of the GM and all they said was "We will patch it soon".

*Note: The person that showed this DID NOT get punished whatsoever. and THIS HAS YET TO BE PATCHED!*

This is a true story.
by TheMangoFruit February 24, 2010