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plural noun: Cracktivities

the condition in which things are happening or being done while a person or persons are on or under the influence of crack cocaine or methamphetamine.
"there has been a sustained level of cracktivity throughout the night"

a thing that a person or group does or has done, typically late at night or in the early

hours of the morning, while a person or persons are on or under the influence of crack cocaine or methamphetamine
"Electrical projects were their favorite cracktivity"
"Those guys have clearly been at it all night busy with their cracktivity, you could hear them in the shed at 3am"
by TheLostWanderer January 23, 2019

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{nīg lə t}
Simple Definition: A nigger of less than two years of age.
Alternate application: A nigger meeting the criteria to be considered and/or regarded as a "baby".
"He may be a toddler and have moved on to pull ups like the big boys, but he's still my little Nigglett, at least til he starts school."
Street slang definition:
A "nigger" or a person of alternate ethnicity who, by their behaviour, word, or otherwise demonstrated action or attribute no matter if it be present, in the past or predictable in the near future is, could, or should be labelled a baby, with "Baby" in this case used or intended to be in a mocking or derogatory manner, sense and tone.
"Checkout this total Nigglett over here, having a temper tantrum because he missed a hair and styling appointment for his mini Chihuahua "Dante IIV" and they're attending a Dinner Gala this evening for a charity helping those suffering "hypofashionectitisis" which is when persons compulsively choose outfits which result in train wrecks or at least derailments or are symptomatic of total and complete lack of fashion sense. Silly nigglett, the dog's acting more mature than he is."
Ol' Skool G] definition: A nigger (in this case with nigger meaning: a male either black, white or a man of another ethnic group) who is either small in stature, scrawny, weak, lacks street smarts, lacks sexual prowess or experience, is a poor fighter, who obeys the law, appreciates, supports or colludes or is otherwise involved with police or law enforcement, who is sensitive or possesses a connection with their feminine side, who cries or shows pain or emotion in general, is a newcomer or first timer in jail or prison, has not killed a person, not been incarcerated, not been initiated, isn't gang or crew affiliated, not been arrested, hasn't been hazed or is a virgin who does not and/or is not or cannot be considered or classified or deemed to be or awarded or honoured as a "Nigga" or "O-G" or a gangsta, thug, baller, shotcaller, Boss, killer, pimp, sicario, assassin, mercenary, hired gun, killer for hire, ghost, operative, super secret agent, sniper or trigger man\wheel man. "He couldn't even get one, one single little kilo, of this killer cocaiiña Ye-Yo across the freaking state line into Nevada dawg. How the heck you think that silly nigglett is gonna get from Bogota to San Francisco Bay with 20 kilos in just over a day with no time to train the guy? Potentially he'd be decommissioned by a blade, bullet, brass knuckles or baton or bludgeoning of his body."
by TheLostWanderer March 03, 2019

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