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Tissue bunnies are the left over remnants of toilet paper particles that get trapped on the vulvar and vaginal areas after wiping.
"I'm enjoying cunnilingus on my wife, except for constantly having to spit out these tissue bunnies."
by TheGoddessCher May 24, 2015
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A faxy lady is a plus sized woman who is still totally hot. "Faxy" is fat plus sexy. It is also a play on words stemming from the 1970's phrase, "Foxy Lady". You must be at least a size 16 or larger to be considered a Faxy Lady.
Guy one: You see that big chick over there? I think I am gonna hit that tonight.

Guy two: I don't blame you, dude. That's one Faxy Lady!
by TheGoddessCher October 05, 2010
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