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1. when a n00b goes beyond n00b to the point where he is suace....only worse hes n00b sauce
2. when a n00b haXors his way up to a high level through power leveling, gets twinked by a l33t or totally ninja loots all the bad asses helping he is said to be dripping in n00b sauce or a munchkin dripping in n00b sauce
3. when a 1337 455 player totally fucks up beyond compare he is said to have fallen in a bucket of n00b sauce.....tainted bastards shouldn't slip in like that
1. Dude I have met some n00bs before but you are just n00b sauce.
2. WTF are all these crazy haXor munchkins all dipped in n00b sauce doing ninja looting the instance. BOOT THE FUCK OUTTA THEM!
3. How on earth are we supposed to win the raid when all these l33ts are dripping in n00b sauce today?
by TheGamingGuru42 March 01, 2006
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