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An amazing girl. Really pretty, great sense of humor, may be a bit excited some times, but that's all part of her charm. She is amazing and all she can do is make you smile.

She has lots of self doubt, though she has no need for any. She makes everyone around her laugh, but she likes attention, as much as she doesn't wish to admit it. She ends up being friends with girls that are like Brianna.

Even though she is exceptionally beautiful, she had a hard time believing any guy likes her, and it takes a while to convince her a guy does. And once she admits it, she relapses saying "No he doesn't like me" Or "He can't like me". When an Isabetta is confused, it is the only thing she can talk about until it is explained 100%, or someone outright admits something or another.

Isabetta's are usually creative, loving art, movies and music. She happens to be one of those people who swears. A lot. Far past the point of her own good.

Isabetta's are always there for their friends when they need them. No matter whats going on, if there's any way in hell she can help, she will. She loves her friends to death and nothing can get in the way of her friendships, even if it is the friend it's self.

All in all loving sexy girl who gives out more support then she receives. Having an Isabetta as a friend is one of the best gifts you could ever receive, and I would suggest you hold onto that friendship closely.
Guy 1: Who is she? She is so Beautiful!

Guy 2: That's Isabetta, and I would love to have her, but she doesn't believe in her own beauty

Guy 1: Damn... I'll make her believe it. She is to beautiful to sit in self-doubt, whats she like?

Guy 2: Shes Perfect

Guy 1: But watch out for her friend Brianna she is really possessive of her best friend, if any guy hurts her there will be hell to pay

Guy 2: *Gulp* It will be worth it
by TheBestFriendBlog October 12, 2013
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Self-doubt is the lack of belief in ones ability's and looks.
Guy 1: I told Brianna that she was beautiful, but she denied the compliment

Guy 2: That's because she is full of Self-Doubt
by TheBestFriendBlog October 12, 2013
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