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(To be) blasted out of (one's) shoes:
Verb: To be attacked very quickly, ferociously and decisively, such that the victim is completely relocated and only his or her shoes remain on the ground in the original location, as though the victim were still standing there.
Me: Are you a cheeseburger?
Him: What? No...
Me: Then you better get outta my grill before you get blasted out of your shoes!
Him: Whatever, bitch.
Me: BLAAAOW!!! (Attacking with extreme prejudice, leaving only his Doc Martens remaining)
by TheBeav May 02, 2005

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Extra affirmative. Derived from fo' shaganoff, follows the evolution of the term, in which the suffix determines the affirmative or negative negative nature of the term, off being negative and on being affirmative. Can be pluralizied.
Him: Hey, is it good to screw fat and/or ugly girls?
Me: Dogg, fo shaganOFF.

Him: Hey, you like having sex with hot girls?
Me: Dogg, fo shaganons.
by TheBeav May 02, 2005

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ACTUALLY, the fisheye is when you're doing a girl doggystyle and with no warning whatsoever, you put in her butt. She'll suddenly open her mouth in kind of a frown and swing her head around, but all you can see is one of her eyes wide open, making her look like a fish.
I'll never forget the look on Sally's face when I gave her the ol' fisheye last night.
by TheBeav May 01, 2005

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