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A Drinking School with an Intelligence Problem. Once you graduate, you recieve a free pass to Rehab along with your Masters in Pre-Med/Biology. If you are looking for a place with great diversity, easy grading, good food, and intelligent girls, don't come here. Also, stay very far away from the Hanselman dorm, they are all a bunch of killjoy, boring assed and ugly faced over-achievers who like to sit with eachother in their hallways playing beirut with milk and talking about how great the Sunday Mass is going to be. So in conclusion, if you like drinking and receiving lower grades than you ever have before, come here. But stay away from those dull shitfucks in Hanselman.
-Have you been to Holy Cross?

-Yeah, the girls were very stupid and I drank with my friends RA.

-Sounds sweet

-It is, but the food gave me the shits.
by The422Club November 09, 2006
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