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One of the top schools in the state of Georgia both in sports and academics. It is inhabited mostly by retarded children with obscenely wealthy parents. The students usually have a sense of entitlement, and are usually stupider than the average blade of grass. The Asian (and the occasionally brilliant white) populations are the sole reason the school is ranked so highly. The school is divided up into a number of groups of people. Namely preps, jocks, emo, skater, black, wanna-be black, nerd, and all around idiots. Walton also has one of the highest drug abuse rates in the area, as nearly all non-nerds regularly smoke a whole lot of weed.

The average valedictorian at Walton will have a GPA of around 4.775, while the lower end of the class usually hits around 1.7. The School's valedictorian has been an Asian for many years.

Walton's facilities currently include 176 highly trained staff members, 32 Advanced Placement courses, four tennis courts, two gyms, a recently renovated football field (raider valley) and a baseball field (raider mountain). The school allows seniors to drive to school, though the school is known to have some of the worst parking lot traffic in the area.
Senior: I can't believe it took me an hour to get out of the parking lot yesterday!!!!

Typical student at Walton High School
Parent: I hope you enjoy school today honey. Drive safe in your brand new Bugatti Veyron.
Parent: Okay dear, have fun.
by The white asain January 05, 2011
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