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Person who typically does not worry too much about appearance or the oppostie sex (or any sex for that matter)
and normally does not even consider breaking rules. They are hard working people who are consider odd by the 'preps'.
There is a different between Geeks and nerds. Geeks may try, but they do not work to their full capability and are obsessed with electronics. nerds care about life and think of the future and become very successful.^^
Geek: I finally beat my newest Final Fantasy game!!!
Nerd: did you do your homework?!
Geek: No, not yet, but I will.
nerd: you better get on it or you will get in trouble.
Geek: yeah, I guess. *continues to play game.
Nerd: well I am gonna go work on my science project.
Geek: but it isn't due til next MONTH!!!
Nerd: but it's soo fun!!! (is an art project in my case.^^)
by The luffable nerd.^^ September 26, 2006
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