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A Coin term a Stoner would use to describe something fun and entertaining. Usually used to describe something someone had already experienced and is giving recognition to.
"Yo man, did you see that new DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat game? shits dope."
by The lonely stoner February 19, 2009
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A drink that is you carry while on the move.

This drink is usually in a temporary

container such as a plastic bottle or cup

that is bought from a store. Bought usually

before partaking in activities outside.
Player 1:"Hey do you want to go get blazed before we go to the movies?"

Player 2:"Sure let me just go grab a mobile drank real quick"

Player 1:"Can i have a drink of that mobile drank you bought earlier?"

Player 2:"4sho"
by The lonely stoner February 23, 2009
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