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Sauron, who thought that he might for shoot for something a bit more reasonable than a ring which controlled the universe. He's actually better than you might expect for someone with his slight build.
Gandolf said to his hobbit companion,"Remember, Frodo, the ring wants to find it's owner. The Lord of the Dance does not need a ring, but a rhythm, and has since before Wizards came to this land."
Frodo was by now sleeping in Gandolf's lap, I'm afraid, and dreaming of the perverted little stunts he could do when he got back to the Shire. He could give two tiny dukes what Sauron was doing.
by The greasy panties of John McCain February 18, 2008
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A term mathematicians like to use which literally translates as Qualified Ejaculate Dispenser, where those who have come up with an equal or better theory or postulate can join you in the lab for a celebratory circle jerk. In the film "A Beautiful Mind" this event was replaced with the scene where the other faculty members giving John Nash their pen, some after having the pen in their mouths.
Einstein was very lonely at his Q.E.D. celebrations.
by The greasy panties of John McCain February 19, 2008
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