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One of the most underappreciated members of Pink Floyd, like the other members other than Roger Waters. One of the most amazing guitarists around with a very distinctive style and underrated solo stuff. He also was the voice and influence that made Pink Floyd a much more publicly successful band that joined up when Syd destroyed himself on drugs. Also not an asshole, because he didnt go on a power trip and kick out a member of his band and threaten to take away all the stuff he'd written if that member didnt leave. Listen to a few off his 1978 self-titled solo record, especially if you're a guitarist, and you will understand. Just imagine "Wish You Were Here" sung by Waters, and you get the picture.
Guy: Man, David Gilmour really kicks ass at just about everything musical!
Me:Hells yeah!
by The Dukes September 08, 2005
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Fecal penmanship.
I left you an assgram on your wall.
by The dukes March 23, 2013
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