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A person who (cries) or (complains) about every aspect of their (job) at (work). So much so that it often appears as though the only thing the do in a day or get paid to do in a day is to (complain). Most often accompanied by a series of heavy (sighs) and (crocodile tears) which can be produced on command to suit the situation at hand. Tears are used when the maximum amount of (guilt) is required to ensure (sympathy) is displayed by their (coworkers).
Did you hear about poor “so-in-so”, she was told that she could not go to the kitchen for her 2nd (feeding) until (break time.) But don’t feel bad for her, she is a (“Professional-Cry-Baby”.)
by The Wonder Girls March 03, 2010

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Used to define the rush of (overweight) people to a meal or (food) of some kind.

The rush can usually be felt and mistaken for (seismic) activity.
Was that an (earthquake)? No that was just a (Cattle Call), the tamale guy is in the kitchen.
by The Wonder Girls March 02, 2010

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