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GAY Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Gay AIDS basically. Gaids is at least ten million times worse than regualy aids. Gaids makes normal aids look like an itchy rash. Also comes in a collectors eddition GAIDS-C, the C standing for cancer.
Wow, looks like you have a bad case of G.A.I.D.S. after your rounds with Hemi. Fag.
by The Terminator November 18, 2005

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1. A fat persons (usually male) erection. This results in a ham sounding noise that comes out of the sides of the penis. Often called pop can (see- pop can pax). You can here these things a mile away, and smell their hammy goodness. You have heard one of these man loads before, you heard it when Hemi showed up to make sex with your dad.
Dillon- Hemi went to Aarons house yesterday!
Christopher- Let me guess, he brought his ham boner with?
Dillrod- Nope, only fat guys get those.
by The Terminator November 11, 2005

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Probably the best kind of donut(doughnught..whatever). Also the capitol of North Dakota. The Olsen twins were born here.
Let's go to Bismarck.
by The Terminator November 13, 2005

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A hemi is that fat kid in your gym class, every class/ school has a hemi. The hemi in your gym class probably smells somewhat like a dead horse. A hemi typically likes little boys, and sucks at life in general. Hemi's often make funny faces when attepting to do something. (This can range from breathing to playing softball) When this "hemi" makes one laugh, the hemi usually has enough time to toss an insult your way because of your extreme laughing. This is when you call him fat.
Hemi- Your stupid!
Chris- JEZUZ.....u smell like a fuckin ass .........get ur thumb out of ur ass.
Dillon- Pancakes.
by The Terminator November 09, 2005

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