2 definitions by The Snow Master: Damn its cold

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1. Fat western vagina

2. A feeder's happy meal
1. I fucked this western girl last night that had a fwagina the size of Texas.

2. Robbie told me that his feedee had a prize fwagina that weighed in at about 5kgs. He told me that this may win him a trophy in the national feeder competitions this year before exclaiming "what a delicious happy meal".
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A snow globe is the acting of blessing a bald head with your thick man-extract.
1.)After I shaved the bitch bald I proceeded in giving her a snow globe, twas a night we will both cherish for years to come.

2.)Father JE blessed his subordinate with a snow globe last saturday night.
by The Snow Master: Damn its cold March 08, 2009
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