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rigby 1. (noun) A shorthand for the the entirety of the all good traits a person possesses, despite the current conversation not being one that depicts that individual favorably. Originally an acronym from the HBO show "Silicon Valley" (episode 301 "Founder Friendly") for "Richard Is Great, But Ya'know," R.I.G.B.Y is defined by the character Gilfoyle as "...a dictionary patch...to compress all the nice-guys stuff."
"...he's to much of a prima donna to let someone experienced come in and run the company the way it's supposed to be run. Rigby."
--Bertram Gilfoyle

"I mean, seriously, fuck that guy. Fuck him. Rigby."
--Dinesh Chugtai

--Silicon Valley, episode 301: Founder Friendly
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by The Rev Mason Stone December 19, 2019

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