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A city in In Northern Florida approximately 30 miles south of the Georgia state line. A city ran by the mojorly hypocritical First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. Also ran as a dictatorship for the majorly uptight neurotic Moral Majority, Semi-professional Redneck, Good-ol-boy system.
First Baptist Church of Jax, The better
Jacksonville planning Authority and just about any over confident, arrogant for no real reason, completely Stupid fucking redneck groups.
by The Regulator April 15, 2005
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Derived from the word regulation, this word can be defined as 1. a colloquial method of approval or acceptance, Often used at the end of a conversation as a method of conclusion.
-holds similar connotations to the word standard.
-Often incorrectly used as a greeting.
-Can be shortened to Reg or Reg-up (Both hold simialr meaning).
(From the Latin Regularis)
(Thought to be concieved by Alykhan Kachra of P'boro)
-did u nail that bird?
by The Regulator December 18, 2004
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A city i northern Florida that is overrun with over-zealous, think they know it all, jack-off rednecks. A city that would be a nice city if it wasn't for the moronic turds that are more than happy to tell you exactly how to live your life every step of the way.
30% of all death peanalty cases come out of Duval county (Jacksonville city limits).
by The Regulator April 15, 2005
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