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something u say during webchat to get others to talk/make conversation after some silence.
if there are more then one person in the conversation, the last person to type it have to strike up the conversation.
bob says: so...
bill says: so hows ure work been?? all 120?
by The Raging Ju January 03, 2005
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Sad And Proud!

SAP, someone who knows that his/her actions or interests aint cool or 120, but are nonetheless happy....no, "Proud" to continue!

In recent years due to the resurgence to popularity of the 'geek' culture SAP has been transformed from an insult to a huge compliment.
David:" hey Bob, did u watch that programme on the lives of dinosaurs n how they interact?"

Bob: "David, you're such a SAP!"

David: "I know" :)
by The Raging Ju January 08, 2005
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120, as cool as you can get!!
"Nice trainers!!, theyre so 120!!"
by The Raging Ju January 03, 2005
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