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Amazingly sweet, funny, sarcastic, and a total Trekkie. Once you meet her, you will never look back. Perfect girlfriend material, she's got a 'don't take shit from nobody' attitude, and she'll crush you if you hurt her, or anyone she knows. She's hard to come by, and if you're lucky enough to find her, you can sell the rest of your Pokeballs 'cause you just caught the one. She will always be loyal, interesting, and utterly fascinating. In short, do not let her slip away.
Girl 1: Hi!
Guy 1: Hey, what's your name?
Girl 1: I'm Jordan.
Guy 1/Guy 2: DIBS!
Girl 1: Uhh.. what?
by The One Ring November 05, 2012

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The "Hamburglar Game" The objective of the game is to find, and point at, the first girl wearing black and white horizontal stipes. This can be done upon entrance to a bar or nightclub. Simply point and yell "Hamburglar" The first person to do so wins! The prefix "Ham" can also be replaced with other describtive words and half-words such as...
"flooze-burglar, huge-burglar, iceburg-lar, cling-burglar, corpse-burglar.
This game, and it's informational helpful hints for friends, makes it a game you will love playing forever. You will truly be amazed how many Hamburglars are really out there!
This is one way you could win "The Hamburglar Game!"

"HAMBURGLAR!!!" Yesss I win again! Good thing I have the ring of power!!!
by The one ring December 12, 2010

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