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An often under appreciatted branch of the miltary since the official seperation of the Marines from the Navy. A more stable fighting force then the Marines. Marines strike and go,whereas the Army gains and keeps control of the areas that have been weakened by the military.
First we weaken the area with an attack by Marines, next we send the Army to hold the ground.
by The Omnipresence November 21, 2003
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The FN P90: A submachine gun developed in Belgium. When found that standard issuede handguns and SMGs issued to tank crews were unable to go through armored targets, the P90 was developed. The P90 fires 5.7x28mm round, which is basically a scaled down version of the 5.56x45mm round standardized by NATO. The P90 is capable of going through most starndard forms of body armour at considerable ranges. It's allows for ambidextrous firing. Though the P90's bullet design allows for more range and penetration than that of other more standard SMGs (MP5, MAC 11, Uzi, etc.), its smaller caliber gives it less stoping power than even the NATO standard 9mm Luger round, because of this the P90 is less than ideal against unarmored targets. The P90 is in a way the epitome of the PDW, with its only real competition being the HK MP-7.
Play Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield to have an accurate portrayal of the follies of the P90.
by The Omnipresence January 04, 2004
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The rich man's Wal-Mart
Why go to Target when you can get the same thing cheaper at Wal-Mart
by The Omnipresence December 12, 2003
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