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Sensei of all ass pounding, fudge-packing, stromboli boys. Known to lurk in the shadows of elementary bathrooms awaiting tender bungs. A.K.A. Walter "Marvin".
Hey Timmy, I wouldn't go in there. MB squared is on the prowl.
by The Old Man (Slurth) April 21, 2005

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1. Brittney's father(really hot mom!!!)
2. Matthew's father
3. Alex's father
4. Probably the most awesome baseball player in the history of planet earth (approx. 60 billion years and who knows how many friggin people).
5. The bitchinest assed muthafucka alive
6. Also known as "Seth" (see seth, all def. except #10 and beyond invariably apply{unless they change that shit})
1-3. Hi Daddy!!!
4. Slurth drops bombs like a B-52.
5. Hey Slurth!!! I heard you did my mom!!! That is sweet!!! (only applies to mothers who are relativley hot{7-10 on 10 point scale})
6. Seth and Slurth are one and the same.
by The Old Man (Slurth) March 15, 2005

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