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(adv)- being intoxicated to the point of potentially or actually vomiting.
Person 1) Man, look at Tom, he's piss-drunk-shitfaced!
Person 2) Aww, he just puked in the fire, we better help him out.

Person 1) Wanna get trashed this weekend?
Person 2) No way, the last time we did, I ended up piss-drunk-shitfaced, we were so loud that we woke up the neighbors.
by The Last Mohican May 13, 2008
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buy-rown - (adj) - fucked up.

Used in reference to both drinking and everyday situations. Usually has heavy emphasis placed on the separation of syllables when referring to drinking.
"Look at that guy! That motherfucker's byrone!"

"Did you hear about John totaling his car?"
"Yeah, that shit's byrone"
by The Last Mohican October 07, 2008
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