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A city in Georgia. I feel very bad for people that live there.
P1: Hey, where do you live?

P2: Um... Cumming.

P1:...right. And I live in Clitoris.
by The Knowledge January 22, 2008
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A great city. Rich people in the North, Regular people in the Middle, Ghetto in the South, losers in the suburbs.

Atlanta is not just about the Southern rap. There's the aquarium, COKE (the drink...). People insult ATL all the time. But where exactly did those civil rights activists live? Yup, Atlanta. People should think twice before insulting the place where MLK Jr was born and raised. It may have been the site of bad things, but in the end it turned out alright.
P1: I heard Atlanta was really boring.

P2: Are you serious? You can do anything around there. There's Little 5 Points, Downtown, and Piedmont Park where you can drink with the homeless!
by The Knowledge January 23, 2008
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