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A programming language and development environment that object oriented programmers think they are above.

While a windows program with a graphical user interface in C++ may take months in terms of laying the groundwork and API necessary to perform certain functions, the Visual Basic equivalent could take ten minutes.
C++ Programmer: Hey man! What are you programming?
Visual Basic Programmmer: I'm writing something to find all the music tracks on my computer and write their file paths into an m3u playlist.
C++ Programmer: Wow! How long have you been working on that?? It sounds really intense!
Visual Basic Programmer: 10 minutes.. and I'll be done in another 5.

C++ Programmer: Dude, if you were l33t like me, you would be programming in C++.
Visual Basic: Really? Right now I'm writing an FTP Server! What was the last thing you programmed?
C++ Programmer: Um, I wrote tic tac toe..
Visual Basic Programmer: Really? For Windows? That's pretty cool.
C++ Programmer: Actually its for the console.

Java Programmer: Dude, portability is where its at. Your sleasy Visual Basic program is only good on a Micro$hit computer.
Visual Basic Programmer: Yea well.. When was the last time you compiled a java app for a non Windows machine?
Java Programmer: Actually never.

Computer Science College Student who only learned C++: I have never programmed anything useful in my life. I yearn to be one of 3,000 programming a single function working on Microsoft's Windows 2020.
by The KMan April 17, 2007

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