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The word peter, in southern Australian is commonly used while referring to a Dream-Team spud. It began to be associated with this meaning in early 2007 and since then has been the most prominent word for describing a Dream-Team spud. the word can be used in when describing a group of people or an individual. While the term Dream-Team spud differs each time it is use it is widely regarded as someone who is shit at Dream-Team. Peters have been around since the turn of the millennium but are now starting to get the recognition they require.
That peter scored 1200.
Hey have you heard the new kid at school is a peter.

Look at the bunch of peters over their.

Once a peter always a peter.

He is the king of all peters.

Peters make up the bottom 95% of Dream-Team.

You know how i know his a peter? "he has Kurt Tippet in the ruck"
by The Joffernaut April 13, 2010

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