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A phrase "Jocks" say when dissing on another "Jock". Usually accompanied with "Your not hecka tricycle" and "Your not sick".
:Your retarded.

:Well your not wet!
by The Jock 17 July 26, 2010
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A touch of the knuckles to smooth something really douchy that you've done.
Friend #1: (Hits his friend really hard)
Friend #2: What the fuck man.
Friend #1: That was for earlier, knuckle touch?
Friend #2: (Touches knuckle) Yeah, its all good.
by The Jock 17 January 19, 2011
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A person who cracked a joke no one laughed at.
Guy #1: Dude, last night was amazing.

Shark: Your mom was amazing last night too.

Guy #2: Shark.

Dude #1: Your gay.

Shark: Your dad is gay.

Dude #2: Shark.
by The Jock 17 August 08, 2010
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