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While this word also refers to the beast in Star Wars that lived underneath Jaba The Hut's palace and ate Jedi's, it also happens to be a derogatory term for people who have large appetites, are abnormally cranky, are scared of doors, and are named Courtney.
1) Did you eat that whole pizza!? You're such a Rancor!

2) Stop over reacting! Bad Rancor!

3) Watch out for that door, you Rancor!
by The George Lucas February 04, 2010
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Mold Face is the new STD. It combines all of the numerous types of nasty face diseases.
Including but not limited to;

Canker Sores, Unibrows, Hangin Boogers, Uglyness, Herpes, Bad Breath, Glasses that make you look less attractive, Acne, Blackne, and Facne (It's a thing), Sarah Jessica Parker, Jew Nose, Elephant Ears, Crusty Flaky Sticky Puky skin, and in some cases Blindness.

Though we wish WE were blind.

One can catch Mold Face by kissing, necking, sucking, blowing, licking, eating, or sexing someone else with Mold Face.
The Rancor had a serious case of Mold Face.

That girl.... what... AHHHHHH!!!!! Mold Face!!!!!!!!

If she ever has a baby, it's gonna pop out with Mold Face.

Mathew Broderick.
by The George Lucas September 20, 2011
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