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An Oklahoman who plays guitar so fast, that it can only be likened to a Verdi opera: 3 hours of music, some of beautiful and ennobling themes, at times piquant and subtle, other times dramatic and inspiring. Take those three hours of music, those thousands of musical notes, and compress them into 4 measures of incomprehensible speed, delivered with earth-shaking finesse and a raucous disregard for any physiological limit to human auditory perception. A person that plays guitar so fast that your face will melt.
The last girlfriend I had was dearer to me than anything that doesn't have steel strings and pickups. It's with a heavy heart that I must confess that she met a tragic demise. I sat her down to perform for her, as she had never heard me play. Being the flash that I am, within mere seconds of the furious and almost satanically fast deluge of musical notes, she burst into flames and was reduced to a smoldering pile of ash.
by The Fieg February 05, 2010

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