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1. Dry, often stale, breakfast food (usually Honeycomb) offered in a plastic sandwich bag as part of a "continental breakfast" at some privately owned motels. Hadji (or Haji) sandwiches are sometimes offered in addition to the cereal or as a substitute.

Also sometimes called Radji (or Raji) cereal
(see definition for hadji/haji sandwich)

2. Any breakfast food offered at a "Continental breakfast" with which the necessary accompaniment is not offered.
i.e. dry cereal with no milk, instant oatmeal with no water, etc.

Since many independantly owned motels nationwide have been acquired by Arab families, standards in Continental breakfasts have fallen
I was at first disappointed that all that was offered at the continental breakfast was Hadji cereal, but then I realized that it was easily portable, so I took my Hadji cereal with me and enjoyed it the rest of the day.
by The Dude LV October 04, 2006

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1. a synonym for Hadji

2. a pronoun used when two Arabs are present and a distinction is to be made between the two.
I first only saw Hadji, but soon realized that Hadji and Radji were present.
by The Dude LV October 04, 2006

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