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While emo is a form of punk, and used to be a music-based culture (emo stands for 'emotive,' not emotional, you morons) this definition is depicting the two types of modern emo:

1. Mainstream emo: Your typical annoying, greasy-haired whiny teen who thinks that their life sucks, when they honestly don't know what they're talking about. A freaking cult- all of them are obsessed with being unique, and yet they are sucked up by the enormous wave of conformity that MTV created to enslave the stupid ones. Often times will cut themselves for attention, or do something of the like. They feel unappreciated, and 'find themselves' in art and their supposed 'darkness.' Myspace is life for some of them.

2. Other: Just that- a truly depressed person who doesn't fit in, possibly because of mood swings, or trauma in early life. Tries not to fit the aforementioned definition of Mainstream emo; they know it's fake and not really them. These are the people with real artistic skills, and actual talent. Someone with severe Aspergers who refuses to take meds, for instance.
1. Anonymous emo boy digs into his wrists with a razor in the closet, darkly musing on darkness. He realizes later in life that he had made a terrible mistake, being an MTV-slave/ carbon copy with no real identity. But, he's already screwed up his life; taking those anti-depressants that he didn't need got him hooked, and he's in a ward. Now he knows what it's like to be all alone... and he hates it.

2. Anonymous 'Other' is strolling along, hands deep in her pockets. She hums a few bars of a song she can't remember the words to, and rolls her eyes at the group of Mainstreamers, all dressed in black and dark. "What a bunch of f*ckheads," she whispers, traipsing away.
by The Doubt Shadow August 22, 2009

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