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The most pleasurable sexual move in any man or women's arsenal. When you get Dirty Floated you know the girl or guy likes you.

The Dirty Float is the ultimate move.
Man 1: Damn, My bitch Dirty Floated me last night
Man 2: No way bro, you the fuckin man!
Man 1: Yea, iv never been pleasured that much ever before
Man 2: I wish i could get Dirty Floated.
by The Dirty Float Master February 14, 2008
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When one man is taking a women up her anal cavity and another is getting a blow job from her. While this is going on the two guys are having an armwrestle on her back!
Dave and Alexander had always wondered who was stronger so Carly was not surprised when Dave and Alexander began a roast which lasted 20 minutes. Dave won due to Alexander blowing his "load" to soon.
by The Dirty Float Master March 03, 2008
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