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A woman who is incredibly annoying, supremely critical, is never satisfied, and extremely demanding -- so much so as to account for one bitch plus half.
My ex-wife is a bitch and a half.
by The Chuckster January 11, 2006
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Banging someone in the ass with abandon. Pounding the bunghole like there's no tomorrow.
I was so hot for her ass, I gave her a butt blaster that pinned the bitch to the wall.
by The Chuckster January 27, 2006
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Beautiful, hot, sexy underwear worn by women (never men -- yuck!) when they want to look and feel beautiful, hot and sexy. Makes the ladies look like they're not wearing underwear. Especially nice when worn with short skirts or pants made from thin or translucent material.
Fat chicks should NOT wear thongs! Ugh!
by The Chuckster November 03, 2005
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