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Gangsterism is the culture of gangs. Often members join at a young age, most likely in their mid teens, when they do not know any better. The older gang members get them on drugs as soon as they join so that their common sence will decrease and they will 'rep' their gang 'fo lyfe'.
The average gang member will have strange obessions over fat women, money, and clothing that is much to large for them. The average gangster will never make more then ten dollars in his or her life span and will end up either a hooker or street bum by the time they hit their mid twenties. Also, it is very common for a gang member not to have had sex with a willing female by the time they reach their twenties. Many beat their fat ass women, which results in no sex. Other reasons why they resort to rape may include their discusting smell or lack of money.
Many gang members are infact afraid to fight. They know how to run their mouths but not their fists. The only time they will be likely to fight you is when the odds are 10 to 1.
The average gangster can be found in a low income neighbourhood due to their lack of money. An odd thing you may notice is the nice cars parked outside of these shitty houses. That is because the cars are infact, stolen.
The north american gang member enjoys rap. While not all rap is bad, the kind the gang member will listen to is. It consists of bad slurs and a repeated use of the n-word.
When you run into a gang member on the street, it is best to ignore the clothing, poor speach, stench and the whole person in general. They are not something you would want to come into contact with.
"That man over there is so gangster... what a shame."
"The amount of gangsterism around here is discusting."
"This low income neighbourhood houses many gangsters."
by The C. Man May 02, 2008
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