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1.v. To cause bodily harm to an individual with malicious physical force (with or without a weapon).
2.v. To attack
3. v. To assault
This old lady was giving me some shit today at the grocery store, so I bitch cranked her ass right into the rice crispy treats display.
by The Biz 69 September 07, 2006
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1.(noun) Globules of semen resembling the shape of a chicken patty or hockey puck. They are often found about the breast, vagina, mouth, hair, etc. of a woman after sexing, or on carpeting in the immediate vicinity of a computer after masturbation to internet porn.

2.(noun) Liquid jizz wafers.

3.(noun) Semen stains often found on the sheets, carpet, matress, walls, heating and air conditioning unit, and pillows of hotel rooms.

plural: jizz patties
Example 1:
Jim: "Hey I heard you and Stacy got a room at the Kabumfuck Inn for this weekend?"
Ted: "Yeah. I hope the room isn't infested with jizz patties."

Example 2:
As he was about to climax, Joe pulled out and laid a big jizz patty on her left boob.

Example 3:
Before I go to bed at night, I like to fire out a couple jizz patties. Helps me go right to sleep.
by The Biz 69 June 26, 2008
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1.(adjective): A combination of the words fabulous, fantastic, and terrific.

2.(adjective): to be majestically incredible.

3.(adjective): to be without flaw or the state of being without flaw.

4.(adjective): something so great that it usually results in a little pee being released inside your undergarments or pants.

5.(adverb)fabtastarrifically-meaning to occur fantastically, fabulously, and terrifically.
Example 1:
Kelly:"Wow Doug...dat sexin' you just be givin me wuz fabtastarrific!!!"
Doug:"Shut up bitch...it ain't that good."

Example 2:
Chad:"Dat bitch sure do know how to give one fabtastarrific hummer on de ole' tally wacker."
Brandon:"Damn skippy!"

Example 3:
I sure do find me some anal sex to be one hell of a fabtastarrific time!

Example 4:
Jill:"So how was it last night?"
Stacy:"He worked my shit over fabtastarrifically!"

Example 5:
You never think the sight of a port-o-potty could be so fabtastarrific, until you reach the point where you damn near shit your pants.

Example 6:
That show was so fabtastarrific that I thank my lucky stars I brought me an extra set of drawers.
by The Biz 69 April 30, 2009
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