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1.(adjective): A combination of the words fabulous, fantastic, and terrific.

2.(adjective): to be majestically incredible.

3.(adjective): to be without flaw or the state of being without flaw.

4.(adjective): something so great that it usually results in a little pee being released inside your undergarments or pants.

5.(adverb)fabtastarrifically-meaning to occur fantastically, fabulously, and terrifically.
Example 1:
Kelly:"Wow Doug...dat sexin' you just be givin me wuz fabtastarrific!!!"
Doug:"Shut up ain't that good."

Example 2:
Chad:"Dat bitch sure do know how to give one fabtastarrific hummer on de ole' tally wacker."
Brandon:"Damn skippy!"

Example 3:
I sure do find me some anal sex to be one hell of a fabtastarrific time!

Example 4:
Jill:"So how was it last night?"
Stacy:"He worked my shit over fabtastarrifically!"

Example 5:
You never think the sight of a port-o-potty could be so fabtastarrific, until you reach the point where you damn near shit your pants.

Example 6:
That show was so fabtastarrific that I thank my lucky stars I brought me an extra set of drawers.
by The Biz 69 April 30, 2009
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