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Stealthy dressing ones self in urban camouflage, or ninja gear during the Christmas season to find, and kill front yard reindeer decorations. The usual choice of weapons for this sport are: Broad swords, katana swords, machete's, grappling hooks, or "rope". After beheading the deer with you choice of weapon, the grappling hook/rope is then used to drag the remaining carcasses behind a vehicle if deemed necessary.
With training, the trophy heads can be rewired, and mounted for twinkly enjoyment.
"The Urban Reindeer Hunting Carol"

I awoke with a startle, by someone unlocking my gate...
I reached for my pistol, but by then, it was to late...
For out in my yard flew sparks, so bright, and so clear...
I ran to the window, to see my eight tiny decapitated reindeer...
I yelled curses so loud, they came out in a blunder...
Damn you to hell, sodding urban deer hunter...
by The Barn Shark December 22, 2009
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Comic-Cough is a fast spreading air born virus, that is transmitted throughout thousands of San Diego Comic-Con attendees every year. The origins of this virus are still unknown to this day. However it is speculated that it only effects the young, and 20-30+ y/o basement dwelling virgins, as their immune systems are not capable of fighting off even the simplest common house mold.

Comic-Cough is a virus similar to the para-influenza virus, and the common chest cold. It was originally diagnosed as a form of tracheobronchitis, but was later filed as an "unclassified" human illness. This unpublicized status has allowed the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to deny it's existence to this day.

Clinical signs of infections occur 2-14 days after exposure, and if uncomplicated with other agents, or bacteria, symptoms will last around 10 days.
Infected: I just shook Wil Wheaton's hand!

Uninfected: Get the hell away from me, you know that Spock sucker has Comic-Cough right?

Example 2:

Uninfected 1: Hey, did you hear?

Uninfected 2: About what?

Uninfected 1: Joss Whedon has discovered a cure for Comic-Cough!

Uninfected 2: Merciful Zeus!
by The Barn Shark July 28, 2010
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