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The place where you get to either:
A. Sit around and be addressed as "bruh", "cuz" or "gurl", laugh at all the little sane kids, and just be a complete prick,
B. Sit back and watch the show, bystanding at all times, never being talked to because you don't need any friends since they act as mentioned above (If you are one of the people that fit into this category, welcome to the club)
C. Be teased all day about shit that doesn't even matter, backstabbed by people who brush their teeth with a brush made of cannabis and have a condom for a soul
Or D. Cut your wrists and cry yourself to sleep because the world is so cold and unforgiving
So just in general, a hellhole that supposedly does not prepare you for the real world, as someday all the bitches will have to grow up and get a damn job. Right now, sixth grade is being a bitch and I'm stuck in this little pool of 2-year-olds while I feel like I'm nineteen.
A. Kid: Ay bruh luk at dat ass bruh ill tke tht for lataniasha bruh bruh bruh bruh etc.
B. Kid: Dude, go pick up a dictionary, your spelling is making my eyes bleed.
C. Kid: B. Kid, don't tell him that or else he's going to treat us all like whores. -runs-
D. Kid: quiet, i'm trying to concentrate you insolent souls
Me: Screw this. When I get out of middle school, man...
by The Bacon Strangler October 23, 2011

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