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A grouping of Karens, usually more than two but it can be used in the singular.

Permit Patty, BBQ Becky, and Anti-vaxx went to the park, took down the restricted tape, and argued with the cops, until a few were arrested.

A few volunteers on websites that approve content, while also being Karens, deciding not to publish. While saying "don't take it personally!"
A privilege of karens went to the park to defy a stay at home order of Social distancing and not run the risk catching Coronavirus.

Martin Jackson for President
at first I thought was just two Karens causing trouble but then at the end there was a whole flock of Karens.

WidgettWalls :
Can we just say that a flock of Karens is a privilege? “He got attacked by a privilege of Karens.”
by The more we know April 24, 2020
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