1 definition by The Oif Brothers Inc.

Definition 1: When a situation is so bad that oof is no longer acceptable.

Definition 2: To get lit to the extreme.

Definition 3: Another term for the “beep” in a voicemail.
Sentence 1:

FRIEND 1: “Just took my final today and I knew nothing kms
FRIEND 2: “Oif
FRIEND 3: “Mega oif
FRIEND 4: “Ultra oif”
PROFFESOR: Initinite oif”

Sentence 2:
FRIEND 1: “Party tonight at 8!”
FRIEND 2: “Lets get oifed up!”

Sentence 3:
TECH SUPPORT: *sent to voicemail*

VOICE MESSAGE: “We’re sorry, but CALLER 2 is not available at this time please leave a message after the OIFFFFFFFF”
by The Oif Brothers Inc. December 06, 2018
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