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A girl that everyone knows and learns to love, you can never hate her. Someone who can make you smile and drives you crazy thinking about her. Sierra Rose is a beautiful name to describe a beautiful girl, and any guy is lucky to be with her. Has a laugh that can make anyone smile, and can be bossy when she wants to be.
Person 1: Is that the new girl?
Person 2: Sierra Rose? Oh yeah, she's amazing isn't she?
by The LoveDoctor❤ February 17, 2017
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Pick Up Line Day, due to the date being October 10th, means that today’s date is 10/10.
“Today’s Pick Up Line Day.”
“Why is today Pick Up Line Day?”
“Are you today’s date? Because you’re 10/10.”
by The LoveDoctor❤ October 10, 2018
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